Everyone: To the Batmobile

Pippa’s in trouble!

Yesterday a common truck driver walked right up to our favorite royal sister-in-law and kissed her right on the cheek.

I don’t know how much more this girl can take.

*There’s a Twitter account devoted to her behind

*We refuse to call her by her government (Phillipa) as she’s requested

*And now some guy (aka Erik Smedhs) touched his lips to her cheek.

Since we all know I get a little uncomfortable with touching, I probably would be genuinely distressed. But Pippa? She takes it all in stride. I think The Royalist at The Daily Beast can relax.

– Jen

3 Responses to “Everyone: To the Batmobile”

  • Rachel Says:

    Oh, see, I thought that he had asked to kiss her and felt we were maybe making too big a deal of this (this whole story was blowing up over on Jezebel). But wait, he “‘grabbed all the courage that I got’ and went for it” ?!?! No no no no no. Girl needs some security.

  • Chuck Kamilche Says:

    It does kind of make you appreciate how stable the Royals manage to be. Yikes.

  • Mhbourne Says:

    I apologize on behalf of all us common truck drivers;)