But I missed you

As most of you know I moved home to Washington State in August of 2014 and my dog Mr. Knightly passed away upon our return. It was a lot of change all at once and much of the next few months were blurry with grief, finding work, finding somewhere to live and trying to be, as we all aspire, “Strong Britney” (the one with the snake, not the bald one)

Here at the end of 2015, I still feel like I’m trying to catch my breath most of the time.

After many attempts to adopt a new dog, we finally found our Boo Bear

Boo Bear

I never thought I’d have a little dog, but he needed me and of course it didn’t take long for him to be mine. I also work full time with Jason now. We opened up a little architecture office in a small town without a stoplight where Jason does the design work and I do the project management work. We play good music, offer our favorite wine and coffee, and generally try to make building a house a good time.

Andrews & Andrews Architects

square cupola

And I’m still out here writing and opining and trying to cure global loneliness when I can. Hopefully you’ll find me on your radio again someday soon. Until then, please know that I’ve missed you.

– Jen


4 Responses to “But I missed you”

  • Alyssa Stone Says:

    Jen, you are loved and admired far and wide!

  • Pam from Buckley Says:

    Awww. Much love, Jen!

  • Dave James Says:

    Great post! It’s funny hearing you say you tried to be Strong Britney, when there are so many of us who, in the same situation, would aspire to be Jen Andrews!
    We can only hope that one day soon you’ll appear as Jen in the Morning on KBHR 57 am…

  • Laurel Says:

    So nice to see you’re back! I just finished A Discovery of Witches, on your recommendation and am half-way through the third Cormoran Strike book. All that to say I’ve missed your book reviews and recommendations! And those are some GORGEOUS homes your husband has designed. Wow.