My cheering feels lackluster (Project Runway)

Usually on finale night, I have picked my favorite, I’ve placed my bet, I’ve cooked an appropriate meal. I like CEREMONY.

But this season on Project Runway, I just can’t commit.

Yes, Kini is fast and seems like a good guy. But I see no spark of genius there (and his preview collection was the worst…I’ll never get over that coat.)

I really like Sean and I loved the white outfits he made the last couple challenges, but I have to agree with Nina. The fringe is too much.

Char is a a breath of fresh air with her gratitude and humility, but I’m not blown away by her talent. She has had it pretty¬†rough this year though. (May the condescension, arrogance and cruelty shown her by Korina follow Korina all the days of her life!)


However, Tim has been way too emotionally involved and invested in Char’s¬†success on the show (He practically forced her to buy that fabric in Rome!)

I guess that leaves Amanda. She’s been the most consistent and she seems to have learned her reality show lessons about how to not be a dick. As a repeat contestant, she’s been gracious and used her time well (as well as the Aldo accessories wall thoughtfully!) Go Amanda? (please read with up-speak.)

– Jen

One Response to “My cheering feels lackluster (Project Runway)”

  • Julie Says:

    I was really happy Sean won. Yes, there was a lot of fringe, but each piece was unique and beautiful and moved amazingly, so I don’t fault him for that. It was definitely the most complete collection. Other than the first couple of weeks, I thought his clothes were memorable throughout, which I can’t say for most of the other designers. He also just seemed like a genuinely nice guy. (His opinions of Char’s sewing skills notwithstanding).