Thoughts from my reading chair

Recently I have read some books that I didn’t really like:

No Book but the World

You Should Have Known

All Our Names

A couple good mysteries that resolve nicely:


Her Husband’s Secret

But the main thing I want to tell is that I read a sweet little story about a sad, misanthropic bookseller whose life and outlook change through a series of events that add up to a good life.

1) Super easy to read

2) Funny and sweet

3) Hyper-literate characters who talk in the language of people who love books. You will enjoy all the references as a side benefit to a lovely story.

– Jen



3 Responses to “Thoughts from my reading chair”

  • Michelle Says:

    I will check out “The Storied Life…” – sounds like my kind of read. I am listening to Elizabeth Gilbert’s novel, The Signature of All Things – it’s great so far.

    Your appearances on TBTL continue to delight me!

  • Jenn Says:

    I’m confused…which book are you recommending? You talk about a sweet little story, and a commenter mentions The Storied Life…is that the book?

    Sorry, I just love your recs, so I’d love to know for sure!

    • JenAndrews Says:

      You’re right, I wasn’t very clear. The mysteries were good, but I really liked The Storied Life of AJ Fikry