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These should be separate posts, but “there is too much, let me sum up”

Orange is the New Black

All of you lucky lucky 1%ers who can stream Netflix…STOP BRAGGING. I can’t watch Orange is the New Black because I can’t even stream a Vine video out here in the country, and that’s only 6 seconds. I would have better luck having @Questlove come to my house and re-enact the recent Vine video he posted with the comment “I would pay for this”…I’ve imagined so many things it could have been. But after “loading” for 40 minutes I got a message from my wireless device that I was rapidly using up my data plan and had to abort, so I’ll never know. ANYWAY, I would love to see the latest and greatest from Netflix. But I can’t.


Breaking Bad (don’t worry, no spoilers)

After I saw The Help I became obsessively worried that I would have been racist if I’d been born in Mississippi in the 40’s. I finally decided that I probably would have and there’s nothing I can do about the multiverse racist, southern 1950’s Jen except be grateful for the 80’s Seattleite I actually got to be.

But now I’m worried about turning into Walter White. Was he already a sociopath lacking a drug empire or did it happen slowly one crime at a time? And could it happen to me? What makes one start to lose their conscience…I still have a pretty healthy sense of guilt so I’m assuming stealing blue eyeliner from a drugstore on the Bothell Everett Hwy in ’88 isn’t quite enough. But still…I’m comforted that we’d all rather be Jesse, broken and guilt-ridden and in full possession of his heart and soul and conscience.

Project Runway (spoilers)

I am loving this season. I love the “anonymous runway” so the judges don’t know who designed which look until they’ve written their scores. I love that Tim Gunn sits in on the judging and gives insight on what went on in the workroom. And the contestants are really putting on a great show. Do you think Sandro tried to come back? After being called safe and allowed to leave the runway, he demanded to know what the judges thought of his outfit. Zac Posen basically said, “you have a taste problem.” Later backstage, Sandro proceeded to freak out, yell at the fellow designers, leave the building and ultimately broke the camera of the producers following him down the street while he cussed and yelled. I keep wondering if he thought he was just being colorful and creating good TV (which it was.) I’m pretty sure he was shocked to find out he’d been kicked off the show.

One last thing about Breaking Bad…Jimmy Kimmel pointed out that the most shocking thing we learned on Sunday night is that carwashes mark up the pine tree air fresheners 200%! I haven’t actually purchased a car freshener before (I like the smell of old coffee cups, wet dog and banana peels that I am currently rocking) and now I never will.

– Jen



4 Responses to “TV Stuff”

  • Sandy Says:

    Funny post! As far as you becoming Walter White… Someone said something about the show recently that struck me – I think it was the podcast with Bill Simmons and Klosterman. Apologies if I’m wrong. When they describe the show they stopped saying its about a man diagnosed with cancer who started a meth empire. Now they say it’s a show about a man struggling to feel important. Because every move he makes seems a desperate attempt toward that end. So as long as you don’t have a insatiable need to feel important – you know more than just the normal need that we all feel – then you’ll be OK.

    Sorry your Internet stinks! Makes me not wanna move to the country til they figure that crap out.

  • ps Says:

    All right Jen, I had abstained from PR this season because I feel one season a year is enough, and I think Lifetime is abusing the brand by having too many shows and having them be 1.5 hours. Plus I wasn’t a huge fan of the team format. But you’ve made me want to watch. I’ll have to scrounge around for the ones I’ve missed so far, though.

  • DJBarclay Says:


    Too bad you can’t see Orange is the New Black. Many of us need your take on it as an antidote to Luke’s bashing of it.
    I worry less about becoming Walter White than becoming Saul Goodman. Almost as bad a fate.

  • Julie Says:

    I think this might be the most dramatic PR season yet. That episode with Sandro was such a rollercoaster. They went from him and his craziness to such a touching moment with Bradon proposing. I totally loved it! And this past week’s episode with the unconventional team challenge was bonkers. Again, totally great TV!