My favorite show of the summer

Drunk History on Comedy Central is a show I’m actually keeping track of what night it’s on (Tuesdays at 10pm) because I want to watch it immediately.

Basically someone narrates a chapter from history as we watch other actors act it out. The catch? The narrator is drunk and the actors have to use the narrator’s words…exactly.

It might be the most perfect show for my marriage yet. I enjoy the drunken narration (particularly attempts at pronouncing things like “witness protection program”) and Jason feels like he’s getting a history lesson.

Also, the people involved are some of my favorites: Bill Heder, Jason Ritter, Michael Cera, Kristin Wiig, Jenny Slate, Martin Starr, Adam Scott etc.

Sure the narrator can sometimes fall off the couch in the middle of a story about the woman who took on the Puritans, but it all adds up to great Summer TV.

– Jen

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