I wish this was a riddle (but it’s a true life dilemma)

In Colorado 6 cows wandered away from their herd during a snowstorm. They went into a forest service cabin and froze to death…

How do you get them out before they begin to thaw, decay and poison the nearby water sources?

*this picture is NOT of an actual frozen cow in a cabin (just a visual aid)


Blow the cabin up or burn it down?no, too dangerous and could scar the land 

Haul them out with trucks? - no, trucks are prohibited in this area

Haul them out with helicopters?no, too expensive for their budget

My suggestion is to go all Dexter on this thing and chainsaw them up. I know it’s macabre and all that, but it’s super cheap.  The only thing I don’t know is if chainsaws can cut through frozen cow.

Come on you guys, we have a lot of brain power between us. Let’s solve this thing!

– Jen


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