Finally, just have IKEA make your whole house

I saw in Time Magazine today that you can now buy a KIT home from IKEA (like Sears & Roebuck kits back in the ’20s)

It’s 745 sq. ft, 1bd/1ba and costs $86,500.  

Jason immediately started peppering me with questions like:  Does that include a foundation, What about water/sewer/electric hook-ups, who builds the front porch and stairs entry…

I have no idea and you have to email the design firm in Oregon for those kinds of answers, which, let’s face it, I’m not going to do. But if any of you find out, let me know.

Do we avoid the jokes about assembly (does it come with a GIANT Allen wrench?) or do we wallow in them? I’ll let you decide.

– Jen

3 Responses to “Finally, just have IKEA make your whole house”

  • Joel Says:

    Imagine all the IKEA codes and kooky Swedish names for every part of the house! Sounds like a nightmare.

  • Eugenie Wartman Says:

    Outstanding share indeed. Friend on mine has been looking for this update.

  • Paige Says:

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