If ever I hear I’ve been nominated for an Oscar

I would like the exact moment photographed and I would like it to be as awesome as the morning Jennifer Lawrence found out she was nominated for Winters Bone.

I would like to be wearing silky pajama pants

But I would prefer my parents just in robes

And please let there be someone in roller skates.

We all get annoyed by people acting like this kind of thing is no big deal, or even worse, being so taken with themselves it actually isn’t a big deal. Here’s to jumping up and down with sheer joy when the good stuff comes your way.

– Jen

4 Responses to “If ever I hear I’ve been nominated for an Oscar”

  • Pop Culture Librarian Says:

    Is it me or is that young man on the left wearing glowy roller skates? Please, please, say it’s true!

  • rachelrianne Says:

    that is the greatest photo i’ve ever seen. can that girl and her family get more lovable?? thank God for humble, gracious people in the celebrity realm who make pop culture obsessions totally worth it.

  • Sandy A Says:

    If that was me and my family that would be my favorite pic ever. That would need to be framed and kept next to the Oscar I think. And I didn’t notice the roller skates until it was pointed out, but that makes it so awesome!

  • Nicole Says:

    That picture is fantastic! I love her mom’s reaction (I assume that’s her mom and not like her agent or something). So cute. Just saw Hunger Games today and this just makes me like her more!