Should I buy this town?

The sole resident of Buford, Wyoming is selling. It goes up for bid in April for $100,000. It includes the house, schoolhouse, and trading post (basically a fancy 7-11 with gas station.)

Let’s assume I can get a loan and there are no other bidders and now I own Buford…


Wyoming is gorgeous

No neighbors watching cable news at top volume (which makes everyone sound like they are yelling…yes, most are, but not all)

Harrison Ford might stop in (no idea how far this is from Jackson Hole…should probably look that up prior to bidding)

Zombies will probably stay away since there’s just me and Jason

I get to run a trading post on the side of the freeway which basically means good stories all day long. I’ll never show up to a dinner party empty handed again.


No dinner parties

School house is empty (unless I can convince Mr. Knightly of the value of an education)

Possibility of creepy couple breaking down late at night and we have to give ’em a bed for the night and it turns into a “based on true events” Lifetime, Television for Women special mini-series

I don’t look good in chaps, bolo ties or turquoise (although I do rock a cowboy hat)


This is why lists are good…it’s a lot to think over.

– Jen


5 Responses to “Should I buy this town?”

  • KingEdRa Says:

    Ok, you have posted adorable pictures of Mr. Knightly online before, but that one is the ADORABLEST!

  • Chuck Kamilche Says:

    If you decide to buy the town, I will make you this promise: I will promise that if I am EVER within a one mile radius of your store, I will come in and buy a cup of coffee, a hotdog out of the rotating heater cabinet, and an air freshener.

  • Chuck Kamilche Says:

    Also, does anyone look good in chaps?

  • Adam Says:

    Wouldn’t it be awesome to open your own US Post Office at the trading post? You may even get your very own zip code…

  • Keith Says:

    What’s your plan to update the sign? Will you replace it outright, or just scratch a line through the 1 and scrawl a 3 next to it?