The time has come

Thank you all for taking the long post-TBTL journey with me. When the radio show was cancelled, Luke decided to continue on as a podcast which was really exciting and I was thrilled to be a part of it and contribute when I could.

It became clear to me however, that I needed to have a full time job, both financially and creatively. So I left my official duties, moving more to a (hopefully) favorite aunt who stops in now and then to give out kisses and risotto tips. (ADD MORE BROTH!)

Since then, TBTL has grown and evolved and I couldn’t be happier for Luke and Andrew. They took this little show and made it a huge success. I will always be cheering them from the sidelines! Please believe me, we are lifelong friends who love and support each other.

PrettySnarky was born out of my intense connection with the TBTL listeners and my hope and need to stay in touch with all of you. For many years, this worked really well. But I haven’t kept it up and it’s no longer holding its own. So I’m letting it go, hoping a new and better way will emerge.

*I am sort of active on Twitter @tbtljen

*I have an email that I read and answer

And I am forever and always on your side.

This is not a goodbye to TBTL, it always holds my heart and no one makes me laugh harder (see below). It’s just a closing of a website I don’t use anymore. (going dark June 9th)

– Jen

7 Responses to “The time has come”

  • Bekah E Havens Says:

    You will be much missed here, Jen. Wishing you all the best and sending you a virtual non-hug 🙂

  • Kathy Says:

    Thank you for always taking care of your listeners/fans, including letting us know before shutting down your website. Best wishes!

  • April Says:

    Love you, Jen! I still follow you on Twitter!

    I love your book recommendations. Are you on Goodreads by any chance?

  • Ann Says:

    Love you and I will miss you Jen. I follow you on Twitter! Please continue to let us know what you’re reading over there. Best wishes for your future!

  • Michele Says:

    Be well! Miss you.

  • Leah White Says:

    Thank you Flash! You will be missed! This was how I held on to you after you moved on to new adventures. I hope to hear you on TBTL more often then none. You always bring a smile to my face and heart when I hear you on TBTL! I hold on to all the good memories and meeting you so many years ago at the live show in Chicago with my buddies Jesse & Brian.
    Good Luck with all your new ideas, joys and life ambitions.
    Love to you always from a Wisconsten!
    ❤️ Leah

  • Michael Clark Says:


    The classic version of TBTL was my favorite thing to listen to. You created such a wonderful show and community. Would love to hear you on the LRB or TBTL sometime. It would warm my heart.

    Thank you! ~Michael

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