Let’s play a game of “what did we expect”

WHAT DID SHE DO TO HER FACE!!  – Shout the internet headlines


Renee Zellweger looks a little different. The first thing I thought was, “Yeah, she looks different, but not bad different.”

Then I thought how unfortunate for her that people used to make fun of her unusual appearance and now that she looks more conventional, they’ll make fun of her for plastic surgery.

NYMag‘s Dave Holmes tweeted it like this:

hey that lady whose face everyone made fun of went and changed her face let’s all wonder why all day


So, here at the end of 2014, we still make fun of people for the face they were born with and then we express shock that they try and “fix” it.

I feel a little like sh*t. We probably all should.

– Jen


3 Responses to “Let’s play a game of “what did we expect””

  • karen mcmanus Says:

    Yippee-Kay-Yo! You are back!!!

  • ps Says:

    Do you really think she’s had a lot of plastic surgery done? I kind of though it was the absence of cosmetic procedures that accounted for her appearance. Her old face always seemed sort of Botoxed and collagened up. And I kind of can see her not keeping that up as she gets older.

    And if she got a surgery, why? maybe people made fun of her face but she was laughing all the way to the Oscars. I think what people are surprised by is she is someone who was very successful in her career, and yet she changed her appearance a lot.

    • JenAndrews Says:

      I have no idea what she’s doing or not doing, only that she is clearly doing something, as she looks like a different person. She said last night that it’s because she’s living better and happier. I hope that’s the case! I was trying to speak to the larger issue questioning why we feel so free to criticize the actual face structure that people were born with, simply because they’re famous. It must be devastating to be on that side of it.