Oh my darlings!

The Grand Budapest Hotel is so good. The one-two punch of Schindler’s List and Lord Voldemort (and let’s be honest, Maid in Manhattan) had led me to believe Ralph Fiennes was incapable of being likeable on film. I was so wrong. I am now pretty much in love with him.



Side note: A while back I had decided to try and excise “darling” from my vocabulary. (It’s my favorite term of endearment, but I feared it was making some people uncomfortable…too lovey and familiar, I surmised.) After Budapest though…I’m thrilled to say “darling” has been returned to me and I delight to use it again!

I do not hesitate to say that for me, this is Wes Anderson’s finest effort yet. If you don’t like his movies this will be no fun for you, but for those of us who do…I think it’s great fun to rank them, and I do it by how happy I was as I left the theater.

So from least happy to most happy:



Life Aquatic

Fantastic Mr. Fox




Cheers to Wes all the way around!

– Jen


3 Responses to “Oh my darlings!”

  • Adam Says:

    Agreed! He almost lost me after Darjeeling, but then Fantastic Mr. Fox was out of the park. Budapest has me fully back in his corner.

  • Darlene Says:

    Glad to hear you like Budapest, it’s on my list to see!!!

  • Michelle Says:

    Moonrise makes me so happy so I am eager to see Budapest based on your high ranking!