Thoughts on the “Girls” Season

I wasn’t too thrilled with the finale. Shosh being desperate, Marni being a bizarre-giggling weirdo, and Jessa agreeing to euthanize someone she barely knows all felt disconnected and uninteresting.

I had gotten used to the rhythms of Adam and Hannah as a couple. I really enjoyed Hannah’s birthday party, Hannah’s job at GQ, the trip to pick up Jessa from rehab. In terms of adjacent characters,  Adam’s sister was fascinating every moment she was on screen (the brother/sister therapy session with Hannah as the therapist was a favorite) and anytime Elijah showed up the scene became hilarious and quotable (Hannah encouraging him not to feel bad about misunderstanding the word “inertia” was a perfect moment.)

I think I realized that it’s Adam and Hannah’s interactions with each other and with the world that keep me coming back. I would be perfectly happy to have next season set at the Iowa Writers Workshop with just Hannah and Adam.

Well, as long as Caroline and Councilman Jam (see Parks and Rec) stop in to visit often.


– Jen


2 Responses to “Thoughts on the “Girls” Season”

  • Sandy Says:

    I was so mad at Hannah for telling Adam her news right then and stealing his moment – though it was totally in character for her. I agree – Hannah and Adam are always the most interesting parts of the show for me. I actually like Ray a lot too. The other girls I really just tolerate. Though Shosh does crack me up sometimes. Marnie annoys me and Jessa is not that interesting to me, nor is she a very good person at times. But yet I keep watching! If Hanna does go to Iowa though it will have to be a totally different show, and I would welcome that.

  • Nancy Says:

    I found this season refreshing. Last year was so dark and while I was thankful for the “romance story” ending that got us out of it I was hoping we wouldn’t find everyone back in it this season, and we didn’t! I agree that Hannah and Adam are the best part of this story but it is the rest of the Girls that allow us to absorb Hannah without leaving a totally bad taste in our mouth. They are the sugar to her spoonful if you will. Hannah may possess some cringe worthy attributes but her friends soften them by being just as young and sometimes even more self possessed than her. I died to see her so thrilled and filled with pride while Adam was on stage… I pumped fist when she congratulated him on great opening and walked away shoulders high (because he is not “easy” either!)… and I cried when that smile beamed out of her eyes at the end with nothing but her future ahead of her. (That cut alone should win her an Emmy, but I digress.) I loved every single episode this year and cannot wait for the next one to start. Now pardon me while I head off to find an ill fitting green bikini which I will wear with abandon all summer long!