The Oscars were not good to me

I correctly picked 8 out of 24 on my ballot. I just thought there would be more surprises…but it went according to schedule and that hurt me.

So I had to find my fun in other places:

*Darlene Love grabbing her moment to sing for half a billion people while being recognized for 20 feet from Stardom was audacious (in a good way). And it reminded me that if life were fair she would have been one of our great divas.

*Jared Leto being friendly and happy and completely the opposite of “broody” was a complete delight. (His shout out to Ukraine and Venezuela was a bit clumsy, but it seemed heartfelt.)

*Lupita, Meryl and Amy dancing with Pharrell…I love people who are willing to play along and not worry if they look cool. All three of these ladies earned HUGE points with me.


*I thought Ellen started really strong, I didn’t even miss the usual opening musical number. But throughout the night with teleprompter issues and the pizza and selfie bits (which I thought went on a bit too long), she seemed to lose steam. Although I would have killed for a slice of that pizza!

*The Frozen writers delivered the speech of the night. I LOVE that they clearly rehearsed it and NAILED it.

*After initially thinking The Moon Song was boring, I was completely turned around by Karen O’s beautiful performance. (I think it was her shoes sitting next to her on the stage…it immediately evoked one of those perfect nights that even blisters can’t ruin!)

All of the winners were gracious and seemed to be having a great time (with the exception of 12 Years a Slave writer, John Ridley…he seemed a little pissed off, but he doesn’t owe me a giddy speech, so I’m not too worried about it) and overall it was a fun night that didn’t take itself too seriously.

– Jen


3 Responses to “The Oscars were not good to me”

  • poorani Says:

    Hey Jen, watched Short Term 12 a couple weeks ago based on your post here, and totally loved it! Such a positive film dealing with such difficult issues. Brie Larson should have gotten an Oscar nom. I’ve been recommending it to everyone as my favorite film of 2013 (even if I cheated and watched it in 2014). Really fun listening to you and Tom Tangney on TBTL the other day – would never have heard of ST12 if Tom hadn’t told you about it! THANKS.

  • Josh Says:

    I think that John Ridley may have come off as pissed off, but I also think it was because he was holding in his emotion and trying not to break down.

  • poorani Says:

    re: Ridley
    It’s rumored there’s a dispute between Ridley and Steve McQueen about screenwriting credits. Maybe that’s why he seemed surly. Apparently, that’s why neither of them thanked the other in their speeches.