Book Review (and gift talk)

I just finished The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt and I feel very happy of myself. It was over 700 pages and full of literature…not a sex scene in sight!

I read her famous first novel The Secret History in college and was a bit obsessed with it at the time. I’ve heard that it doesn’t really hold up. But, for me, it was still one of my favorite reading experiences. So I was excited to read her new one which got rave reviews. The story of a 13 year old boy who loses his mother in a terrorist attack and then lives his life burdened both literally and metaphorically with guilt sounds like a real downer…and to be honest it mostly is. Very easy to read and filled with all sorts of great characters and vividly drawn scenes that are completely entertaining, it’s ultimately it’s one of those books I’m glad I read, that is still filling a huge portion of my thoughts even days later, but not a joyful read.

I was asked by @alimcderment on Twitter for gift recommendations…

For the teen in your life, Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell:

For the adult in your life looking for a good time and a list of “Ron Donald Dos”, Party Down on DVD:

For the adult in your life looking for psychological intrigue and insanely good acting, Top of the Lake on DVD:

For anyone on your list stuck in 2007, a Dillon Panthers t-shirt:

I would assume I have missed some categories of persons on your list. Feel free to send specific requests!

– Jen




3 Responses to “Book Review (and gift talk)”

  • Mary Ellen Says:

    Thanks for the recommendation. I have never read Donna Tart – she will have to go on my list. I just finished The Signature of All Things. There are a few sex scenes, but so so good. Also, have you read Life after Life by Kate Atkinson? That was one of my favorites this years.

  • Lisa W Says:

    I second your recommendation for The Goldfinch, such an amazing novel! As I was reading it I thought, “Jen would really love this Book.” So, I’m delighted that you’re recommending it to everyone. As someone who reads quite a lot, I’d say it’s the best book of the year. I would also highly recommended Burial Rites by Hannah Kent. It’s a very sad but beautifully written tale set in historic Iceland.

  • Michon M Says:

    I too read The Secret History when it came out and was quite intrigued. I am in a Book Group – would this current book lend itself to an interesting and thought provoking discussion?