I will not feel sorry for Walter White (Breaking Bad spoilers)

I don’t know if I was supposed to soften toward Walter, watching him grump around his little cabin in New Hampshire, but all I could think of was how all of this is his fault and it infuriates me that he’s sticking to his narrative in which somehow he’s the hero. When Saul Goodman calls you on your bullshit…

We know he’s going for the ricin, the question is who it’s for. It seems obvious that he would take out Todd and Uncle Jack. But Walter’s ridiculous ego, sense of entitlement/victimhood probably means it’s for his ex-girlfriend at Gray Matter. God I hate this guy.

I want Jesse to be put out of his misery.

I want Skylar to go to jail.

I want Holly to be raised by Marie.

And when it comes to Mr. White? I stand with Walter Jr. “why don’t you just die!”

To end on a better and happier note:

I think this friendship is one of the loveliest things in Hollywood



And finally, what if Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium is a great movie? I wonder if there was a Netflix spike on requesting it? Have to admit that now I’m curious.

– Jen

5 Responses to “I will not feel sorry for Walter White (Breaking Bad spoilers)”

  • Dana S. Says:

    Mr. Magorium IS a great movie. It’s light and heavy and beautiful. My kids and I love it.

  • Fred Says:

    I’ve heard it’s about a dying man who wants to bequeath his riches so his legacy will live on. Obviously, it wasn’t picked just for the goofy title.

  • Kristen McHenry Says:

    I agree, Jen–it’s absurd that even after all that’s happened, Walt just can’t let go of his vision of himself as a super-power supreme overlord.

    I want Jessie to have a sudden epiphany and somehow magically get out from under all of this and become a counselor who works with traumatized children. But I think he’s going to end up dead instead. 🙁 Except for Walt Jr., Holly, and Marie, everyone can all die horrible deaths as far as I’m concerned. Todd and Lydia especially. Todd makes my skin crawl.

  • Sandy Says:

    Interesting what Fred said about the movie.

    I’ve long stopped caring for Walt. I was for Team Hank/Jesse. Now just Jesse 🙁 I agree with all your guesses/hopes for the outcome though.

    Oh, how hard is it to see “Landry” as such a cold ruthless killer.

  • John H Says:

    Do you think he could be seeing the evils of his ways and the ricin is for him?